An indicative list of themes within each section

The introduction (Editors)

  1. Nature-based tourism: Concepts and emerging challenges
    • Conceptualising NBT
    • Evaluating the sustainability of NBT
    • Fostering and measuring the resilience of NBT
    • Mitigating impacts and adapting to climate change
    • Stakeholder management and power relations
    • Sustainable tourism growth vs sustainable degrowth
    • Financing nature-based destinations
    • Reconciling conservation and recreation
    • The effectiveness of management and planning within the NBT
    • Facing crisis, risks and disasters
  2. Management and planning of nature-based tourism development
    • System thinking in NBT management and planning
    • Integrated planning for sustainable and resilient nature-based destinations
    • Visitor management
    • Monitoring and forecasting visitor use
    • Mitigating and preventing overtourism
    • Planning for recreation: development of tourism facilities
    • Decision support systems for nature-based destinations
    • Applying SMART solutions within nature-based destinations
    • Fostering collaboration between stakeholders and entrepreneurship
    • Empowerment of local communities 
    • Integrating outdoor recreation and land planning
    • Nature-based solutions
  3. Visitor experience design and management
    • Conceptualising (sustainable) visitor experiences in NBT
    • Changing nature of tourism demand
    • Visitor behaviour and satisfaction
    • Loyalty and (hyper) personalisation of visitor experiences
    • Multiple motivations
    • Management of in situ sustainable visitor experiences
    • Monitoring visitor experiences
    • Stakeholders involvement in experience design
    • Responsible and transformative experiences
    • Value co-creation and value co-destruction
    • Overcrowding
    • Visitors behaviour
    • The experience-scape
  4. The impacts of nature-based tourism
    • Economic impacts
    • Social and community-related impacts
    • Cultural impacts
    • Optimisation of nature-based tourism development
    • Outdoor recreation, well-being and health
    • Pro-environmental behaviour
    • Novel approaches toward the impact assessment on destination scale
  5. The future of nature-based tourism
    • Governance and management of nature-based destinations for 21st century
    • Empowerment, capacity building and leadership
    • Nature-based destinations in the post-COVID-19 era
    • Global trends in tourism and nature-based destinations
    • Natural capital and ecosystem services
    • NBT and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Summary and Outlook (editors)