UNWTO One Planet Vision for a Responsible Recovery of the Tourism Sector

I am glad to share that UNWTO has published the conclusions of our study led by Anna Spenceley, the chair of the IUCN WCPA TAPAS group, on Sustainable recovery of tourism in protected areas from the COVID-19 pandemic as part of One planet vision for a responsible recovery of the tourism sector.

To access the UNWTO report, please follow the link https://www.unwto.org/covid-19-oneplanet-responsible-recovery-initiatives/sustainable-recovery-of-tourism-in-protected-areas-from-the-covid-19-pandemic

The conclusions presented in UNWTO report are part of the more extensive paper by the same authors, “Tourism in protected areas amid the COVID-19 pandemic,” submitted to the special Issue on Protected and Conserved Areas and Pandemics in the journal PARKS.