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I am privileged to join the editorial board of Journal of Ecotourism as an Associate Editor.

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Print ISSN: 1472-4049 | Online ISSN: 1747-7638 | 4 issues per year

The Journal of Ecotourism is the world’s only international journal that focuses specifically on ecotourism and nature-based tourism, and it is considered to be the leading source for knowledge on these topics.

The Journal of Ecotourism seeks to advance the field by examining the social, economic, and ecological aspects of ecotourism at a number of scales, and including regions from around the world.

The Journal welcomes conceptual, theoretical, and empirical research, particularly where it contributes to the dissemination of new ideas and models of ecotourism planning, development, management, and good practice. While the focus of the Journal rests on a type of tourism based principally on tourists’ interest in the natural history of destinations, and how these events are planned, developed and managed, the Journal also considers papers that investigate ecotourism as part of a broader nature-based tourism. Papers will also be accepted on related forms of tourism like wildlife tourism, responsible tourism, and moral issues in ecotourism and nature-based tourism contexts. More specifically, papers will be considered that investigate issues related to community development, ecotourism typologies, parks and protected areas, impacts, policy, accreditation and certification, risk management, marketing, interpretation and education, poverty alleviation and issues of justice and rights through ecotourism, and the range of ethical issues tied to the use of animals in ecotourism and nature-based tourism.

Prof. David Fennell
Brock University, Canada

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