Progress on the role of ICTs

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Title: Progress on the role of ICTs in establishing destination appeal: Implications for smart tourism destination development

Publication name: Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology, 2019.


Please cite this article as: Mandić, A. and Garbin Praničević, D. (2019), “Progress on the role of ICTs in establishing destination appeal”, Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.



This paper aims to analyse the role of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in establishing destination appeal and reflect on the implications for smart tourism destination development. The focus is on identifying and analysing technological solutions by considering six elements shaping tourism destination appeal, namely, attractions, public and private amenities, accessibility, human resources, image and character and price.


To deliver public and private sector implications, the authors have reviewed and analysed relevant papers that were published in hospitality and tourism journals (42 Q1 and Q2 ranked journals based on SCImago Journal Rank) between 2010 and 2018.


ICTs affect the marketing and management of tourism destinations. They foster their innovativeness (e.g. interpretation of destination factors, new travel trends, innovative products, VA and AR), contribute sustainability (e.g. visitor management and reducing the use of resources) and improve accessibility (e.g. information provision, navigation, availability of sites and travel planning). The adaptation of technological solutions in the hospitality industry can be related to increased productivity, profitability and quality of services. Additionally, ICTs facilitate visitor decision-making (e.g. online distribution channels and information accessibility), influence overall travel experience and enable the sharing of visitors’ impressions.

Research limitations/implications

The significant limitations of this study include restrictions on the timing of publication and on journal selection.


This paper reviews full-length research papers that were published in relevant tourism and hospitality journals. This paper complements the current literature by addressing the role of ICTs in establishing destination appeal and reflecting on implications for smart destination development and future research.


本论文分析了ICT在搭建旅游目的地吸引力方面的作用, 并对智慧旅游目的地发展提出启示。本论文重点在于考量六种搭建旅游目的地吸引力的因素:景点、公共和个人设施、可参观性、人力资源、形象和性格、以及价格, 并分析了各种科技解决方案。


为了给公众和私人企业提出启示, 本论文审阅并分析了发表在2010年至2018年之间的酒店旅游相关期刊文献(42Q1和Q2级别的SCImago期刊排名)。


信息通讯技术(ICTs)影响了旅游目的地的营销和管理。ICT促进了多种创新(比如, 目的地因素的解读、新旅游趋势、创新型产品、VA\AR), 增强可持续性(比如, 游客管理和减少资源耗损)以及提高可参观性(比如, 信息提供、导航、景点信息、旅游规划等)。酒店业中的科技应用促进了生产力提高、营利性、和服务质量。此外, ICT帮助游客做旅游决策(比如, 在线分销渠道和信息获取), 影响了整体旅游体验, 和增强了游客分享游历经验。


本论文审阅了旅游酒店期刊相关科研文章, 强调了建立旅游目的地吸引力中ICT的重要性, 以及对未来智慧旅游目的地发展和研究做出启示。






Keywords: ICT, Hospitality, Tourism research, Information and communication technology, Destination appeal, Smart destination.

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