2. Steering committee – PRIORITY AXIS 1 “BLUE INNOVATION”


From the 10th to 13th of July, a project team from the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism in Split has hosted the second steering committee meeting. A few days before summer break we (University Ca’ Foscari Venezia, University of SplitFaculty of Economics, Business and Tourism, Veneto region, Istria region, Puglia region, LAG 5 Korcula) have gathered to discuss Work package 3 (WP3)titled “Knowledge-based tools (KBT) creation CB knowledge networks development”.
WP3 is designed to attain the specific objective 1, starting from the capitalization of the Tourmedassets tools, (Data System-DS, Decisional Support System-DSS and study cases), that allows bridging the gap amid tourism policies and a real feature of the tourism industry.
In order to develop innovative knowledge-based tools useful to innovate, design and manage tourism CB products, we will calibrate DS and tailor the DSS response on the specific project context and arrange an operative methodology to helps the activation of business ecosystems (BEs) operating within the Blue Tourism CB scenarios, as delineated by the application of the DSS to the CB area. The meticulous econometric analysis developed and the DSS applied on Med regions already indicated segments on which innovation is to be addressed, underlining the specific trajectories to be tackled in the Italy Croatia area, and suggests to develop new forms of blue creative tourism fostering eco-innovation. The knowledge-based tools adapted to the CB area represent also the founding blocks for activating the ADVICE BLUE POINTS (WP5).
In the WP3 Universities calibrate the Tourmedassets outputs on the CB areas, provide new knowledge-based tools (3.1) and an operative methodology to BEs activation (3.3); Territorial Partners (regions and LAG) calls for selected tourism stakeholders to participate at the business ecosystems analysis (3.2), which is elaborated by Universities before issuing the 3.3 methodologies designed with the double purpose of transferring knowledge to targets (WP4) and to helps the functioning of BEs in the long run (WP5).

The WP OUTPUTs consist of:

  1. a new SMART CROSS-BORDER DATA SYSTEM (SCBDS) and related new KNOWLEDGE based TOOLS (KBT) elaborated to support policies and investments decision
  2. an OPERATIVE METHODOLOGY arranged to transfer knowledge and support Business ecosystems progress for a sound Blue tourism development.

Planned activities within this WP:

  1. Calibrating Tourmedasset DSS on CB area for new knowledge-based tools
  2. Elaborating a participated analysis of business ecosystems needs, gaps and potentials
  3. Defining the operative methodology to transfer KBT and stimulate new business ecosystems

Next steps: An expert group from the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism Split has finalised the questionnaire that will be used in pilot regions. In each region, key stakeholders have been identified to participate in focus groups. The aim of this focus groups that will be held in late September is to identify the potential innovations and innovation gaps in tourism development in cross-border areas.

We are looking forward next meeting that will be held in the Istria region in December 2018.


*Photos: Folowing the two day discussion on Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism we have visited Klis fortress and Stella Croatica – ethno agro park.

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