PhD, from now on

Yesterday (6th of December, 2017th), after three years of hard work I have defended my PhD theses.

It was the most challenging period of my life, and now I am sure it would not be successful without the full support of family, colleagues and dear friends. The family was always there to support me, colleagues to understand and help and friends to cheer up.

I owe my deep gratitude to my advisor (mentor) prof. Lidija from Faculty of Economics, for all her support and help. I have started working with her when I was a student on Master course. She helped me to develop my research interest and to focus on current challenges that matter.  She is a type of person you can always count and rely on.

My PhD focus on the exploration of public resources (national parks) as hotel price determinants. Protected areas generaly face the tremendous challenge of the increase in a number of visitors and tourism development. I do hope my research will help and contribute their sustainable valorisation and improvement of public governance.

After all, 2017th was the most successful year of my life! In July, I have married most beautiful women in the world 🙂 , in September we have found out that we are going to have a baby 🙂 and finally in December I got my PhD 🙂 .

I am looking forward all future challenges, and count on same people as in last three years to be there to support, understand and cheer up!

Thank you all!


…….explaining my research
 🙂 Wife ❤
…..mentor prof. Lidija
My family ❤
The dean of Faculty, prof. Lidija and prof. Črnjar from University of Rijeka
Colleagues from Department
IMG_5799 (3)
In front of my office, work of a dear colleague and friend Smiljana:)