Sustainability as a Resource – Lecture Hvar 

On 26th of April 2017 I was invited on Island Hvar to held lecture on Sustainable Tourism  with special reference to chalenges of mass tourism in coastal area and potentials of rural tourism in inner parts of Island Hvar.
The lecture was prepared for students and professors from Croatia, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Finland and Germany that are enroled in ERASMUS+ program – project Sustainability as a Resource; and member of local community and local government.

The event was held in picturesed ECO village Velo Grablje, some 10 minutes from Old Town Hvar.

  1. Firs part of lecture focuses on explaining Tourism importance both Internationally and in context of Croatia.
  2. Second part is focused on identifying key chalanges that local communities face in Tourism development today.
  3. Third part was focused on explaining how local resources can be used to develop sustainable Tourism product and fight seasonality as one of major indicators of mass Tourism development. Special reference has been given to local resources.

You can check the lecture on link:

Many thanks to  Sanda and Jelena, local school teachers and dear friends for kind welcome and pleasant companionship on Hvar!