“Adventure is where you find it, ANY PLACE, except at home, in the ROCKING CHAIR” W. Byam

Surreal experience…

Those are probable the best words to explain our Canyoning today.

I woke up relatively early this morning. I am not sure why, probably it was because long lasting expectation….. One of those things that doesn’t allowe you to “rest in peace”, until you finally do it! Every summer I have different itinerary. I usually make myself imaginary list of things I have to do between July and September…. Then when autumn arrives, I measure my summer satisfaction with achievements from that list. Canyoning was one of those things, I always wanted to do. I don’t know why I haven’t done it so far, but somehow I just didn’t. Few days ago, we have agreed to go. Fortunately we have friend who is real expert, and who cooperate with one of the best travel agencies specialized in adventure tourism. He agreed to be our guide. The whole excursion usually takes 3 to 4 hours, depending if you take Simple or Extreme version. Since Simple was not in option we took Extreme. It took us some 45 minutes of driving to get from Omiš, to Zadvarje where our host Ante was expecting us. We were greeted perfectly, and instructed how to wear and use uniform. Agency is situated on amazing location, near beautiful viewpoint, overlooking Cetina canyon and waterfalls.

Few minutes later we were heading on START. Steeply descent through rocks and trees was the only obstacle between me and Canyoning trip I was waiting to take for a while. Few last minute instructions and next thing I know is that we were all in cold water.

11999003_10207478313093418_8503396546661386798_nEven dough, it was not that cold probably because hard neoprene suites we were wearing and expected dose of adrenalin! Following hour we have spent in jumping from one cliff to another, walking through river, sliding between rocks and rapids and taking as many photos as possible with GoPro.

11998982_10207478297973040_903169762569416049_nDuring our adventure our host Ante gave us many precious information’s about river, nature and hydroelectric power plant (that was actually our start point). In one moment we have found our self going through artificial tunnel in rock that engineers have made hundred years ago in order to redirect the river flow to build power plant. On the end of the tunnel was single rope. Crossing it meant that you have made decision to descend into a 50 meter deep abyss with the help of caving equipment.

11990494_10207478305493228_6175601117772781394_nOf course, we all did that. First moment was hardest. The first sight on amazing waterfalls leaves you speechless, and makes you forget all fears you have got. 20 minutes later, all four of us, had magical experience, and great story to tell.


We had continued further.


It took us some hour to get to second point where we had to use ropes again. This time we were all full of adrenalin, and there was none questioning decision whether to go or not.


Final swimming was approaching, and we were all tired and excited at the same time. After some ten minutes of swimming, we have found our self in fairytale landscape. There was beautiful waterfall on the left side. Water sprayed on the surrounding rocks.


In combination with sun it created beautiful play of light. I couldn’t resist, so I have swam to the waterfall, sat there for a while. Ante took some photos of me, sitting on and jumping from cliff….


All in all, it was one amazing day! I am sure all of us will remember it for a long time!

Many thanks to our host Ante Kovacic, travel agency Adventure Omis, my Suzy, and our dear companions Ivan and Toni!